Grand is the perfect word…as in grandchildren

grandparentsIf heaven is any more wonderful than grandchildren, I don’t think I can stand it! I am Kiera, Terrell, Maya and Morgan’s Grandmama and GiGi and if I die right now, I’ve already experienced heaven. As Grandparents Day comes this Sunday, I gotta tell you, I’m loving every minute of it!!!!

My husband, Roger, and I often laugh about how before ours came, he swore he wasn’t going to be like all these other grandparents with the mile-high brag books and the endless stories about cute grandchildren.  He doesn’t have the first picture but give him .31 seconds, and he’ll be ranting and raving like every other grandparent.

I can’t explain why having grandchildren is so much fun but with two little ones –Morgan and Maya are almost 7 and 8, and two big ones – Terrell is a freshman in college and Kiera is 23, we just know they are. Yes, it has to do with being able to send them home when you’ve stepped on one too many Barbie shoes, or tried to bathe but the Legos have first dibs, but maybe we see an opportunity to fix whatever we weren’t sure about the first time. Perhaps you’re in a different place and phase in your life and you know what really matters. Either way, here are my hopes and dreams for all of us Meemaws, PaPaws, Grans, Grannies and wannabees:

If you don’t have any grandchildren of your own, stop your whining and borrow some. Too many children need someone to dote on them and make them the star of the show and unfortunately some grandparents have to go another round with child rearing because drugs, death, poverty and destruction have decimated our families and communities. Single parents are struggling to keep food on the table and may not have time to hug, encourage and love on their little people–look around you and lend a hand, especially if you’re lamenting how you don’t have any grandbabies and may not get any.

Be on the same page with mom and dad. OK, I admit my grandchildren get away with stuff my children never did, but we try to listen and support rather than do our thing and let our children do theirs. That is unhelpful. My job is to love and spoil them and I’m doing my very best to be as awesome as my four grandparents were. It was always a treat to visit them and while they were different from my parents, we always had to mind our manners, not be attitudinal and do what they asked. Nothing about that has changed.

Finally, volunteer at your local elementary school, daycare, or neonatal unit. Yes, they  run a background check to protect you and the children, but volunteering to rock hospital-bound babies or to hug and encourage the children is a wonderful investment in a child’s life and into making a more just, peaceful and civil world. Grandparents Day comes the second Sunday in September—love from grandchildren comes every day!

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