I wish You a Merry Christmas


I love making wishes– whether for birthdays or for special gifts for Christmas. Over the years I’ve wished for all kinds of things—some came true but were disappointments like Tressy, the doll whose hair grew on television but not one strand moved after Santa left, and the list goes on. Others, like that list of 50 million things from the Sears Christmas Wish Book, never made their way under the tree. Nevertheless, my wishes this year are a little more mature and wide-ranging, and technically, they’re gentle, but familiar, reminders.

Remember the Christmas holiday is not about the toys, presents, and food. In truth, it may be about my mom’s sweet potatoes because they are always wonderful and worth the wait, but it’s a holy time. It’s about the love, laughter, and fellowship. To spend another Christmas with the people we love is a precious gift but let us always be mindful of the lonely, the bereaved, the homeless, those whose only cheer has been lost, stolen or waylaid.

Remember that if/when those who cause trauma and drama every time they appear and insist on being the author and finisher of dissension, like First Lady Nancy Reagan, “just say no!” You DO NOT have to participate. Make your own plans and enjoy quiet time with the people you do enjoy being with and let Brother and Sister Drama and Mama and Daddy Trauma fight among themselves.

Remember to watch your spending. Yes, I know this one’s a little late but the word I try to live by is “when you’re in a hole, stop digging.” We don’t need everything under the sun to be happy—be true to your budget so you are not struggling financially in 2019.

Remember our soldiers and their families. Long and repeated deployments take their toll on families, especially during the holidays. Do all you can to be sensitive, intuitive, and THERE, for those who are sacrificing so much. It’s too late for care packages to arrive in time for Christmas but when love packages arrive, they’re a welcome reminder that you care.

Remember our goal must be peace on the earth and good will toward all. That means we must all do our part to build bridges of hope and welcome. Hate is such an ugly word and seeing it lived out daily in mass shootings, acts of violence, attacks on innocents, disenfranchisement, political shenanigans,  intolerance toward asylum seekers– it’s almost too much to bear. I believe we have the power to create what the late President George Herbert Walker Bush called a kinder, gentler nation. Let’s get to know our neighbors and walk a mile in their moccasins. The open hearts and hands we offer disaster victims can be a model for how we treat each other every day. Love really can conquer hate.

Finally, remember to be kind to the children. Donate coats, gloves, food, and warm shoes so our little ones won’t be hungry and cold. Sponsor a family in need, volunteer, share hugs and encouragement—whatever it looks like– show care and compassion every chance you get.

We are blessed to be a blessing and being Christ-like absolutely fills that bill. My Christmas wish is that you’ll have your very best holiday season ever, filled with hope, peace and goodwill…

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