I’m Feeling Some Type of Way

We should all be feeling some type of way…


Every Christmas, after we’ve eaten everything in sight and can barely move, those of us of a certain age gather around the children and young adults for our annual language lesson. The youngsters describe and decipher new phrases and then use them in a sentence so we can be in the know. Trust me, the way language has changed, you need to know what the lingo means to be generationally in tune.

During a conversation with Morgan, my 11-year-old granddaughter, she told her mother after a series of blank looks that I was “acting brand new.” I laughed until my sides hurt even though I didn’t know exactly what being “brand new” meant.

My daughter loosely deciphered: “here’s a situation you should be sensitive to and up to date on but instead you’re acting like you’ve never heard it before. Everything shouldn’t have to be explained to you—you know this topic.” I laughed out loud and “got” with the program.

When all the sweet potatoes with raisins and marshmallows disappeared, the latecomers said they were “feeling some type of way” about it. Translated “we are not happy that all our favorite dish is gone. We really want to rough up you people who ate it all but since we’re family, we won’t.” They assured us they had a right to be “in their feelings” about it. Translated, “and yes, we have a reason to be put out because we love Cousin Marie’s sweet potatoes and we won’t be forgetting this any time soon!”

I love that these three favorites have use in other contexts, too. Like here: I am feeling some type of way about the deterioration of human relations and the lack of civility in our cities, communities, and nations. We North Americans are pretty nice folks until we climb on our high moral ground and get in other folks’ business on intrusive and sensitive topics like what women do with their bodies, who we love and marry, poverty, wealth, and who has worth and who doesn’t depending on where they live and how they speak.

For a “nation of immigrants” we are acting brand new when it comes to immigration and asylum. The people who are seeking asylum here have left everything familiar—language, culture, family, heirlooms, violence and chaos —everything, striving for a better life. They are not seeking gold or millions to live extravagant lives. They want opportunities for their children, to earn a respectable living, peace of mind, freedom of movement, just and understandable laws– the same things generations before them have sacrificed for and that you and I want and enjoy. My friends, we and all our neighbors cannot keep acting brand new about what’s right, what’s just, what’s humane, and what’s Christ-like.

I’m also feeling some type of way about our politicians fighting with President Trump and among themselves instead of doing what they were hired to do. If this is the best they can do, I say send Mr. Trump and ALL of them back where they came from and let my favorite fourth graders take over!

Yes, the little ones might be a little lax on showers and homework for their peers at first, but they’d do what’s right. Their concerns and feelings would be pure and equitable too.  I bet they’d set up an international  chain of lemonade stands this weekend and bake cookies to help finance adequate health care, safe housing, beautiful schools filled with nice teachers, yummy school lunches, generous allowances, and yes, for heaven’s sake, they would absolutely be acting brand new.

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