Is What We See What We Really Get

Are we more than we have become?



I despise hypocrites and for many years now, I’ve said “It’s not what you say, but what you do all day that counts!” I’ve repeated this mantra as fervently as if it had been handed down from Moses and set in stone though it was simply my attempt at being profound and a gentle reminder for how I try to live my life.

I’m a serious advocate for voting, for being friendly, humble and kind, especially to children, for forgiving the wrongs that distract and distort, for empowerment, justice, equality and equity. It’s what I do, it’s who I am. This is how I have chosen to spend my time and talents; however, I’ve been working on the second edition of 31 is Thirty-wonderful, A Prayer and Reflection Journal/Journey for Triumphant Women, (due November 10) and this 31-minutes-for -31-days’ plan has prompted some serious self-reflection. I asked myself these five questions and I pray you will take a moment and ponder them as well.

  1. “Are you more than you’ve become (from The Lion King)?” Absolutely, but I’m also more than I could’ve dreamed as well. I praise God from whence I’ve come. Big dreams, prayer, (mine, and everybody else’s) and grace tell the rest of the story, and I’m pretty sure there’ll be a Pulitzer Prize somewhere with my name on it. This keeps me forever in the pursuit of excellence and inspiration!
  2. If I died right now, what would I regret not having done? I want to meet Barack and Michelle Obama, Britain’s royals, visit Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch and see Lionel Richie in concert. I keep talking about my plans but my favorite proverb poignantly reminds me that nobody has ever plowed a field by turning it over in their minds. It’s true, and life is short and uncertain so I’d best get busy…
  3. What more can I do to make the lives of women and children better? I could regularly remind the people we’ve elected to make laws user friendly for real people. I could speak out more broadly and loudly for an end to homelessness and more support for affordable housing, health care, and a living wage. I could pay attention and be my sisters’ and brothers’ keeper. Of course, you could, too!
  4. Am I paying enough attention to my health by eating right, drinking enough water, and getting plenty of sleep? No, but I’m trying! My commitment to at least eight glasses of water a day, four servings of fruits and vegetables, fewer sweets and snacks, losing eight pounds by my 63rd birthday on the 20th 🙂 and walking 10,000 steps a day is what prompted this whole conversation in the first place. I was campaigning for my readers and followers to do all these healthy and helpful things but my scorecard was slacking so hypocrite was the only word that came to mind. Thanks for keeping me honest!

5. Finally, what can I do to be a difference maker/ game changer? Dr. Phil has a book and an easy answer: “Do what works, do what matters!” I’m adding a few easy answers of my own:  be intentional, be involved, and be passionate.  Look at your community, your church, your neighborhood schools, your children, and truly see the opportunities and possibilities. Together we can stop drugs from stealing our communities’ best and brightest. We can make sure the children are well fed and poised for success.  We can embrace the veterans and elderly and keep them from dying from loneliness and trauma. We can become so much more and we must.

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