It’s Spring – Let’s Celebrate!


I love snow days stuck inside watching Gunsmoke, The Virginian, The Big Valley and Bonanza better than anybody I know, but if it’s snowmen or daffodils and robins, it’s absolutely a no-brainer! I love everything about spring—the hope that seems to spring forth like the tulips in the morning dew, the gorgeous flowers and trees that bud and bloom as a gentle reminder that Easter is coming soon! EVERYTHING shouts glory hallelujah!!

Since it’s Spring, we have to have an official Spring To Do list:

  1. Start with your closet. Think three: if you haven’t worn it in three years, do one of three things with it: consign it, donate it, or include it in the yard sale you should be planning! Lighten your load and start fresh.
  2. Evaluate the shoes—Do you have to lay down to put them on? If so, give them a proper burial and replace them. If they look like you got them from Chris (also known as Christopher Columbus) after he got them from Izzie (also known as Queen Isabella of Spain, in 1492), send them to a new world. Remember, if they hurt your feet the last time you wore them, nothing has changed. When in doubt, see #1 above.
  3. Spruce up your yard/porch/patio and create an official contemplation spot where you go after a long, hard, ugly day or where you leave the phone inside and admire the morning and the sunrise and listen to your breathing while you and God plan your day.
  4. Celebrate National Women’s History Month and donate to a cause that is dear to your heart in memory or honor of the phenomenal women who invested in and shaped you. (If you’re anywhere near Brownsville, TN, Saturday from 3:00-5:00 p.m., stop by The West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center for the Fourth Annual Phenomenal Women Speak: Wisdom of the Ages, a salute to phenomenal local women) Send a note, call or stop by to see your heroines and make their day. Bask in where God has brought you from and where you are today—CELEBRATE YOU and God, for heaven’s sake!!!
  5. Do more of what makes you happy and less of what doesn’t! Oh, if you don’t have allergies, pick up a bunch of fresh flowers for your kitchen counter—they’ll brighten your day and your mood. Need I say more?
  6. This week be kind on purpose —it’s like taking the road less traveled. It will make all the difference. “We rise by lifting others.” Robert G. Ingersoll
  7. Let whatever you do today be enough! I read this on a plaque yesterday and it spoke directly to me. Think about it. We want more, try to do more, accomplish more, when in actuality, we are already ALL THAT, hot chocolate chip cookies and chilled Sprite. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY ENOUGH!!!

Happy Spring! Happy Women’s History Month! Be blessed and keep shining!

Looking for inspiration, empowerment, uplift, straight talk, an encouraging word to brighten your day? You’ve arrived! Meet Dr. Cynthia Ann Bond Hopson, best-selling author, educator, inspirational speaker, sistergirl–she’s all that and more. All the way from Stanton, TN (you can’t get there from here) to 50 states, six continents and everything in between, she’s wise, witty and altogether wonderful. She enthusiastically invites you to slow down, sit a spell, and share a giggle or two.

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