It’s Time To Celebrate!


Any week that has Positive Thinking Day, Follow your Dreams Day, National Women’s Friendship Day, AND Respect Day has to be about as wonderful as real mashed potatoes and gravy, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, hot chocolate chip cookies, chilled Sprite, and Rice Krispy treats (just a few of my favorite things) all at once!*This is absolutely one of the most amazing weeks of the year, so let’s celebrate!

Please pause a moment and choose at least two things from the official

Awesome, Magnificent, Super-Duper, Very Fine Week To Do List:


  • Give yourself a nice round of applause. Whether you have arriven (my late friend Rosemary Bighem’s concoction for when you’ve really made it) or you’re still on your way, You matter and you are who/what/where you are for a reason and a season. Acknowledge, assess, and appreciate all you’ve seen, experienced, dreamed of, and accomplished. RESPECT the scars—they tell a powerful story. You can’t change anything about the past, but you can change you and the choices you make today. Trust God, take risks and FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. My favorite line from the movie Braveheart gently reminds us: “Every person dies but not every person truly lives!”
  • Call at least 10 women friends –especially ones you’ve been meaning to call, the Ride or Die ones, the one with the crazy laugh that makes everybody else laugh just because she’s laughing, the one who’s struggling, the one you need to mend fences with—all of them. Invite them –(Dutch treat makes it easy)—for a movie, lunch or dinner, time at the beauty school—who cares what you do—just be together, laugh and tip generously. Cherish your friends—they will literally bless your heart.
  • Be positive all this week – When you start to whine, moan, complain, or be negative, breathe deeply and shut up. Negativity begets Negativity and it’s like a cold at the daycare—it spreads quickly. Author Jeff Keller’s bestseller “Attitude is Everything, Change your Attitude, Change your Life!” is on the money. Your positive attitude matters. This morning Ramona, the security guard, said “Something wonderful is going to happen to you today.” It changed my whole demeanor—I was more expectant and calm all day and her words were almost like a magic potion. Look for an opportunity to give genuine compliments and graciously receive any that come your way. If your hair is dirty or that beautiful dress is old, please keep that to yourself . Don’t lie, but be someone we love to see because you make us feel taller, not smaller.
  • Lend a hand and a heart– So many beautiful/sad stories coming from Texas and Florida after homes and communities were devastated from flooding, Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, earthquakes, mudslides, and all manner of natural disasters. The trauma of losing everything and seeing so much destruction is difficult, so please keep praying for peace of mind and restoration. Let’s help our neighbors, those next door and those around the globe, get back on their feet.
  • Respect and honor yourself, your time, your voice, your body, your decisions. Enough said! Be blessed and keep shining.

*Experts tell you don’t go to the grocery store when you’re hungry because you will overeat—the same must hold true for blogging because right now I’m imagining something from this list!

**Original quote used masculine, non-inclusive language.

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