It’s Your Birthday, so Celebrate!


OK, so it’s really my birthday but you have one coming or you’ve already had it, so, let’s keep the party going! I’ve been celebrating all month because birthdays are fun, challenging, and important—all the ingredients you need to live like you mean it. Here’s what I mean:

We were each created for a purpose and every year we’re still here we get to mark our creation with fresh perspectives and new insights. Whether you’re 8 or 80, you’re here for a reason and as you work to leave the world better than you found it, the world is blessed by your presence and essence. Besides, if you’re not living into your greatness, some cure for a disease will go uncured, or some new invention will be left uninvented–if that’s a word—but you get the picture.

Every birthday should be a time for assessment and tough questions: What am I doing? Is what I’m doing what I want to be caught dead doing? Why am I doing this anyway? Will this matter 100 years from now? Will I matter? My favorite quote from The Lion King simply asks “Are you more than you have become?”

Please understand that I’m not advocating doing things to garner accolades but require very little heart, I’m campaigning for doing the right things because you know they’re right. Most people who get labeled heroes simply did what came naturally, whether it was saving a child from a burning house, or sitting with a neighbor in need. Of course, you should ask these questions more than once a year but very few of us forget our birthdays so it’s the perfect time to ask them. And, if we look around us, we will most certainly see something that we could improve or change and just because it ain’t broken, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need fixing! Look around your local school, community or senior citizen center, and public spaces to see where you fit. This year on your birthday, give you and your talents as the gift.

Finally, listening and hearing are in order 365 (366) days a year. Too many of us listen but don’t hear. So much of what is said comes not in what we speak but in what we don’t or shouldn’t have to say. If I’ve lost everything in one of these many natural disasters, the last thing you should say to me is “If you need me, call me.” Here’s a perfect Golden Rule opportunity and we should absolutely “do unto others as we would have them do unto us.”

Sometimes just being there, wherever “there” is means everything. This year as your birthday present to the world, listen actively—not the same thing as waiting for your turn to speak—and really hear what is or is not being said. Then act or respond and give the precious gift of full attention.

This is my 63rd year on earth and I am so happy to be alive at this time in history. Somebody told me that women who tell their age will tell everything and it’s probably true but I’m not confessing to the whereabouts of the chocolate chip cookies that came up missing in fourth grade.  Nevertheless, make this birthday your best yet and remember to be kinder and gentler, eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise, drink water intentionally, and don’t be a ‘fraidy cat! Go! It’s your birthday–Conquer the world!

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