Let’s Focus on What We Can Control


ENOUGH ALREADY! In my humble opinion, no matter what side of the aisle you rally for, the drama/trauma that resulted in our newest Supreme Court justice is nothing to celebrate or be proud of.  That confirmation process is broken—more precisely, all the processes are broken, whether you’re in the swamp or on a road that leads to it! We, voters and generations to come, deserve and must demand BETTER–better media coverage without so many talking heads and obvious slants, and better, not perfect, politicians who are focused on what’s good for America and the world and not the next re-election!

Since I’m on my soapbox today, I believe President Trump’s apology to Justice Brett Kavanaugh from the American people was inappropriate and incomplete and his behavior and language toward Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and the enthusiastic support and encouragement he received because of it, certainly gave me pause.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the problems that plagued us week before last linger and desperately need our time and attention because our neighbors and friends are struggling in every conceivable way. Between severe weather, food and housing insecurity, children separated from their families, the growing opioid addiction, poverty, random shootings, and systemic neglect–this is no time for whining, Monday morning quarterbacking, and hand wringing. Today, let’s lend a hand and a heart, and make a difference. Better yet, let’s be the difference.

Volunteer – if you really want to sleep well tonight, focus on others and do good deeds. There are so many entities around you that need some loving hands and willing hearts. Visit your nearest school—even if you don’t have children or grandchildren there, so many children need a hug and some encouragement. You matter and you are the public in public education.

Recommit to being healthier. My goal is to walk 10,000 steps daily. Most days I make it and I get to meet neighbors, admire the homes and lawns, relax and rewind. My Fitbit step counter does a celebration when I hit my goal and I’m inspired for the next round. Whether it’s parking at the far end of the parking lot or skipping that extra cookie, take your health in your own hands and work toward being healthier.

Live well at every age. I grew up on a farm in Stanton, Tennessee (trust me, you can’t get there from here) and much of my cotton/okra/squash/pea field time was spent dreaming about the exotic places I would live and visit. I didn’t know how I would get there, I just knew I would. Three years ago I cried as I walked along the beach in Lima, Peru because I could hardly believe this was the same little girl with those big dreams.

Here’s what I discovered: (1) I’d rather have memories than regrets—they both come from the same place and every day I get to choose. (2) Today is all we have, I won’t miss its marvels and wonders waiting on something better to come along. (3) Kindness always matters and the more I spread, the more I get. (4) Finally, I further understand that when I expend my time whining and complaining about things I can’t/don’t control, that time is lost forever. I can and will control my attitude and actions, and bless my li’l heart, that’s what I will remember in November.

Looking for inspiration, empowerment, uplift, straight talk, an encouraging word to brighten your day? You’ve arrived! Meet Dr. Cynthia Ann Bond Hopson, best-selling author, educator, inspirational speaker, sistergirl–she’s all that and more. All the way from Stanton, TN (you can’t get there from here) to 50 states, six continents and everything in between, she’s wise, witty and altogether wonderful. She enthusiastically invites you to slow down, sit a spell, and share a giggle or two.

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