Make Every Day Grandparents Day!


Grandparents Day in 2018 was September 9 but as an official grandparent, I’m advocating for Grandparents Month and here’s why:

  1. Grandparents are wonderful and deserve their own day! During my lifetime I knew all four of my grandparents and no finer folks have ever walked the earth. Each was unique and wonderful and they have been a hard act to follow. The other day I was shopping and the young man with two little girls beamed when I complimented his parenting skills. He said “You must be a grandparent since you’re affirming me and children.” I laughed because if/when you listen, you can always tell parent conversations from grandparent conversations. Grandparent answers usually come with a bunch of useful and patient explanation nobody asked for but will be appreciated 13 years down the road! We love and have time for questions—parents may not!
  2. This is a worthy cause. You can buy cards and presents, but that’s not why the day was created in or around 1978. Marian McQuade of West Virginia is usually credited with its humble beginnings but her reasoning was that there were too many people languishing in nursing homes with no visitors or family, so according to Wikipedia, she wanted the young to know, understand and appreciate them and their contributions. She urged those without grandparents to adopt some and cherish them and the lessons they shared.
  3. Everyone can participate. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again today: if you don’t have grandchildren, stop your whining and complaining and borrow some. The amazing thing about grandparents is that no matter what, they can always find something to brag about. Think about all the children who need somebody to hug them, make them feel special, and remind them that they’re the only smart, cute folks on earth. I have been a grandparent for more than 20 years now and all I need is a small opening to tell you all about Kiera, Maya, Morgan, and my only lil sweet grandson, Terrell. And, I’m not alone! I don’t know a child anywhere on earth who wouldn’t/doesn’t flourish with that kind of support and attention.
  4. Grandparents who are doing repeat duty need our prayers and support—not just one day but every day. Drugs, crime, prisons, and broken families have decimated our communities. Trust me, if you survived child rearing the first time, being dragged back into service for a second round is not for the faint-hearted. Child rearing is vastly different with social media distractions, babies born with video games and cell phones in their tight little fists, meting out discipline in an age of bullying, school shootings, and self-discovery—my Lord, EVERYTHING has changed!

So, this month, take a moment and do something special for your/the grandparents you know. Take the little people for a visit, bring/send some fresh flowers/new photos to brighten their room, send a card, or sit a spell and hear some great stories.  And, if you’re still waiting for a grandchild, get busy adopting/borrowing one. Grandparents Month is a perfect excuse to get to know and enjoy somebody special—whether they’re 8 or 85.

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