Making a List


I’ve learned that making a list helps me get things done. Use mine below and add your own.

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*  Figure out an exercise routine you can live with and stick to it religiously. Consistency is the key–oh, and that YMCA and Curves membership that you keep meaning to cancel because you never go, redirect that money to a savings account or buy yourself something special.

*  Take a mental health day and treat yourself to a nap, a nice lunch and a movie, or spend the day in your pajamas, catching up on your magazines and watching Andy Griffith reruns. Conveniently forget to charge your phone.

*  Make that phone call, write that note, and make it right- whatever IT is (clarification, forgiveness, etc.) that you know you need, must do or should’ve done, so if you died today, you’d have no regrets.

More Things To Do…

*  Become a mentor. Many single parents just need a hand and a nap or a moment to themselves. Take little one on a date and give Mom or Dad a treat.

*  Be in prayer (and lend a hand or donation where possible) for victims of weather-related and other disasters (tsunamis, earthquakes, flooding, forest fires, tornadoes, drought) since unfortunately they’ve become as much a part of summer as mosquitoes, picnics, homegrown tomatoes and bikinis.

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