My 6.1 Lessons For 2016


I arrived at my  61st year or my 18,625th day on earth Sunday and I’m celebrating! I have loved birthdays ever since I can remember so I start celebrating November 1 so by my real birthday, I’m not just older, but wiser. It is my great joy to share this year’s Wisdom 6.1:

  1. To be the best, always do and give your best. This way, you have no regrets. Keep learning, improving, and investing in yourself because nobody can be a better you than you! Critique, practice, regroup—whatever it takes to be most excellent, but let excellence be the only standard.
  2. Trust your “first mind” and you won’t go wrong. My Uncle Carey often said “My first mind told me…” and I learned when you start second-guessing yourself or your decisions, that’s when you meet disaster. My trusty sidekick Kimberlee puts it this way: “use the best info you have at the time, decide, and move forward.”
  3. Guard your time like you guard your life and your money. Each week we get 168 hours–whether you squander or invest them wisely, 168 is all you have. Sooooo, stop saying yes to EVERYTHING you’re asked, given, or assigned and understand that NO is a complete sentence. If you keep doing stuff you don’t enjoy, you have less time to do things you love. If you are always busy being busy, blame yourself then answer these four questions before you take on anything new for 2017: (a) will this matter a year from now? (b) do I enjoy it? (c) would I rather be doing something else? (d) if I die right now, is this something I want to be caught dead doing? If any answer is no, see #2.
  4. Stop procrastinating. Go where you’ve always wanted to go, do what you’ve always wanted to do, pull out the 12-year old “bucket” list and work at it like it’s a job. Life is short and uncertain so enjoy the nice towels and real dishes you’ve been hoarding for “company.” Don’t think too much of them to use them—nobody else will.
  5. Never underestimate the power of kindness. Last month I put Post-it notes with “You is smart, you is kind, and you is important” on my computer and around the house to affirm and inspire me. These lines from the movie “The Help” gently remind me that I am wondrously and beautifully made and God is expecting me to bask in all that I have been created to be and to treat others like He treats me—with grace, mercy, patience, and tolerance. Every day.
  6. Take time to admire the clouds and the morning dew today. Clouds and the morning dew are like comedian Rodney Dangerfield. They just “don’t get no respect” yet every day they’re ”there” being faithful and minding God’s business. Now there’s a lesson worth learning…

6.1 BONUS: Live like you mean it, be blessed and keep shining!

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