My Stuff And I

What on earth is it and what do you do with it?


I have been packing boxes and bins feverishly and here’s what I know now: TOO MUCH STUFF! Entirely too much.

I know you’re thinking what do I know about your stuff when I have so much of my own to sort through? It’s true, I don’t know how much stuff you have swirling around you, and I have not opened your overstuffed hall closets, or moved at least half of your furniture into the garage. I have, however, rolled my eyes after stepping on the 24th Barbie Doll shoe that blended into the carpet and got caught between my toes. Maybe it was the shoes that helped me conclude that we, meaning you and I, have too much stuff and we ought to do something about it. Use my handy checklist to get rid of some of yours before your next move. Not moving?  Pretend!

You have something behind, on top of, underneath, or in every conceivable space – corners, under the bed, behind the dining room buffet, in the living room couch cushions… What started out as a temporary storage space has now taken on permanency.

Solution: Take one room at a time and look with a critical eye at everything. Anything you don’t absolutely loooove, take it to a consignment shop, donate it to Goodwill, sell it a yard sale, share it with someone who would cherish it, or deposit it in File 13.

The upside: fewer things to dust and a better view of the things you have left.

Your cabinets and dresser drawers are so full nothing else will fit.

Solution: While you’re mindlessly watching Family Feud and Rifleman reruns, work on them. Throw away all the old underwear that would shame your mother if you’re in an accident. Properly dispose of expired medicines and next time buy smaller containers to avoid waste. If you’re saving empty medicine bottles for Vacation Bible School next year, suggest/select a container at church for collecting them.  Clean out the drawers in the guest room and move seasonal things to this under-utilized space to create more free room in your main areas.  Buy some really cool containers/dividers to give your cabinets and drawers order.

The upside: A place for everything and everything in its place—it’s a beautiful thing!

The things you never wear have taken over the closet.

Solution: 1/1/1. Every time you bring something in, something has to go out. If you haven’t worn it in one year, it must meet the fate of stuff in suggestion #1. Pay closer attention to your purchases and if you answer no to any one of these four questions, flee the store immediately: (1) Can you wear it now? If it’s too snug now, trust me, it won’t stretch while hanging in the closet; (2) What else does this work with? Do an inventory before you go shopping so you know what you need—one way to stretch your wardrobe dollars is to buy good basics and refresh them annually with new accessories. Buy the best items you can afford on sale. (3) Is it stunning and do you know you look good in it?  Is it figure flattering? When you know you look good, you walk with and exude confidence no matter how hectic the day gets. (4) Is this a good color and style for me? Just because something’s on sale doesn’t make it a good deal. If it’s the wrong color, size, or material, it won’t serve you well.

The upside: You and your closet  look great!

Finally, my dears, stuff can be conquered once you define it and make a plan to get rid of it. Of course if you’re not packing and moving, you can always pretend you don’t see it! Be blessed and keep shining!

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