My 6.1 Lessons For 2016


I arrived at my  61st year or my 18,625th day on earth Sunday and I’m celebrating! I have loved birthdays ever since I can remember so I start celebrating November 1 so by my real birthday, I’m not just older, but wiser. It is my great joy to share this year’s Wisdom 6.1:

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End of the 2016 Election Cycle

2016 Election is finally over!The 2016 election cycle has thankfully come to an end! Hallelujah! Now, if the insults, the biased polling touted as the gospel, the incivility that bred hatred and strife, the intolerance of voices other than our own would also end, I suspect I might dance the night away!!!!!!! Continue reading

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October Is Domestic Abuse Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

We must talk…

About domestic abuse

My husband, Roger, and I often teased that he would never hit me because my father, Big John, was more than 6 feet tall, had hands like baseball gloves and was a no-nonsense-kind –of-guy. In reality, he was a gentle giant who died 12 years ago, though I still brag about his spirit protecting me, but domestic abuse is no joke. I am blessed that Roger is much like my father– generous and kind, and thankfully I have never experienced the fits of rage, insane jealousy, mind games, or the vicious cycle of apologies/ beatings/more apologies/more beatings that are the hallmark of abusers. Nevertheless, October is Domestic Abuse Prevention Month, so like the airport signs remind us: “If you see something, say something.”

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Today Is The Day


“Nothing is worth more than this day.“ – Goethe

Today is the day. I will step out on faith. I will do that thing I’ve been afraid to do.

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Making a List


I’ve learned that making a list helps me get things done. Use mine below and add your own.

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Behind The Scenes: Preparation is the key

*First in a series: Dr. Cynthia A. Bond Hopson Prepares to speak

retro microphone and red curtain

Preparing to speak is a process. There, I’ve said it, and this process begins long before I get to the microphone to inform, inspire or entertain you. I am happy to pull back the Wizard of Oz mystery curtain and let you see the sausage being made. From January to April, look for these reflections and I pray you will be blessed and consider calling me for your next event.

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Don’t Even Think Of Giving Up!

2016 Resolutions

Today is Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions Day and since I only made a few big ones, I can’t decide which ones I want to leave on the cutting room floor. Seriously though, I suspect many of you made lofty ones too, so, let’s see where we are today and really get serious about moving forward tomorrow!

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Three Simple Things To Do In 2016

3 things to do in 2016

I have had a glorious day—here’s what I did. I had planned to drive three hours to a funeral but at 6 a.m. when I woke up, I was three miles and 30 minutes past exhausted. Instead of pushing myself, I turned over and went back to sleep. I woke up three hours later, enjoyed a new magazine, had brunch, saw the matinee of the new Amy Poehler/Tina Fey movie and laughed out loud, wandered around downtown until 5:30 and had dinner with my lil sweet husband. Now I’m lounging in MY chair. That might not sound like fun to you, but I assure you today’s activity—or lack thereof—probably saved my life. Soooooo, in the remaining days this year, here are three things I’m hoping we do and will get done to give 2016 a triumphant start:

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Take care of the “Girls” all year

Woman relaxingBreast Cancer Awareness every month?!

October is breast cancer awareness month and in my humble opinion, every month ought to be breast health month! Your body is such an amazing instrument that when it speaks—like the old *E. F. Hutton commercials used to say—you should listen. The conversation around when/whether to get a mammogram continues to swirl around us, yet the fact remains that far too many of us are dying because we don’t pay attention to self-exams, and small or subtle changes that hint something may be awry. We know our bodies better than anyone else and with the “Girls,” our beautiful breasts, they aren’t just body parts, they feed our babies, bring us pleasure and confidence and a whole host of things. WE MUST TAKE CARE OF THEM AND OURSELVES!

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Let’s Celebrate Women

We come from a long line of wise and amazing women…

abstract-woman-face-vector-illustration_MkiawMuuWhen it comes to amazing and phenomenal women, Women’s History Month offers us the perfect opportunity to celebrate who they’ve helped us become and honor and appreciate their sacrifices and lessons. These women are our mothers, other mothers, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, friends, mentors—and they come in all shapes, sizes and places and each one is precious.

I need two favors this month for these remarkable women: (1) all those mushy letters, cards and flowers you’ve been meaning to send, please get up now and do it before you forget.  In this edition of Gracefull I’m sharing six of my favorite women lessons—(2) please share yours via Facebook and Twitter: Continue reading

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