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About this time of the year every two to four years we hear the same rhetoric, “This is the most important election of our lifetime.” This time the advertising may be correct.

As election day 2018 quickly approaches, we have so much more than control of the state and national legislatures at stake. I believe virtually everything we hold dear is on the line–civility, honor, integrity, truth (the real genuine kind) caring for our friends and neighbors, character, compassion–are all riding on who has had the most money and done the best job of “campaigning.”

This quote from ancient Greek philosopher and playwright Sophocles, “Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud,”* is a poignant reminder that winning is not the most important thing. The days afterward are. How do you stand tall and look constituents in the face or rest easy in your sleep and slumber when you’ve intentionally lied, defamed, distorted, created deception and negativity about your opponent, about migrants, about darned near everything and everybody except your ability to wave a magic wand and be the best thing since Sprite Remix?

I don’t know how our newly elected servants will deliver on all the things they’ve promised when the climate of mistrust and hate that has been promoted over the past months makes collaboration, collegiality, and unity almost impossible. Further, the fingers pointed back at us prompts me to ask what our problem is when some brave soul comes along and says “let’s work together” but voters insist they go back to their partisan corners and stay there. There was a time when politicians might’ve disagreed but they understood that budgets needed to be passed, affordable housing needed to be funded, a comprehensive and humane immigration policy had be to crafted and governing and legislating, not getting re-elected, was their job.

This Election Day has been a long time coming and way too much money has been spent on negative advertising and lies, in my humble opinion.  If we add up the costs of campaigns and redirect those funds to pressing societal issues, we probably could discover a cure for cancer, provide a decent and affordable home for every veteran and every homeless family, put a major dent in the opioid crises, and provide affordable health care to every citizen. Since that’s not how we have chosen to spend our money and time, let us pray we made good decisions.  Remember, if you don’t vote, somebody else decides for you, so no whining!

*Wisdom from Sophocles included in the new 2nd edition of “31 is Thirty-Wonderful, A Prayer and Reflection Journal/Journey for Triumphant Women”. Full of inspiring quotes and meaningful reflections. Stay tuned for pre-order details.

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