Start With Peach Cobbler For Breakfast

Peach Cobbler

October is National Dessert Month and though I didn’t create or designate it, I wish I had because any excuse for pound cake and peach cobbler is fine with me! Here’s what I know: when the peach cobbler is right, I’m not satisfied until every bite is gone. And yes, I eat it for breakfast, as a snack, whatever excuse I need, I take it. Pound cake and fried peach pies fall in that same category—I tell you, this month is about as close to heaven as I expect to get on earth!

I consider cookies real dessert, but October is also National Cookie Month so I’m celebrating my favorites– oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, and snickerdoodles–because any day with warm cookies is just better!  Somebody has even come up with an afternoon  delivery service for fresh-baked cookies—now that’s seeing a need and filling it!

As a child growing up on a farm we always had big, heavy meals in the morning and midday so we’d have fuel for the day ahead. Our midday meal always seemed to end with some kind of pie, cobblers, cake, and ice cream. As an adult with a desk job, I kept cooking the same way. It didn’t take long for my girlish figure to give way to being “stout” as one of the neighbors called it.

I realized that without the hard physical labor, I couldn’t have desserts all day, every day. I still have a weakness for all the above-mentioned items but work, travel and health issues have prompted more restraint. Oh well, I couldn’t find a founding date, origin, or anybody who’s taking credit for creating this opportunity to indulge, so I’m encouraging you to celebrate guilt-free the rest of the month.

October is also National Clergy Appreciation Month. I didn’t know there was such a thing but it’s a beautiful and humbling designation. My husband, Roger, is a pastor again and he received mushy cards and other gestures from our congregation this month and the surprise and thoughtfulness made his day. Clergy members are there in bad times, good times, and all the times in between to hold hearts and hands, pray, and/or to be present and accounted for, and while they don’t do it for the thanks, they are encouraged if/when  appreciation comes.

It has been my great honor to share Roger’s ministry and all the amazing people we have met and been in ministry with over the past 36 or so years. We’ve shared family reunions and picked up dozens of new cousins, moms, dads, aunts and uncles along the way. We’ve attended birthdays and other gatherings—you name it, and we’ve probably done it. We love being included, trusted, and depended on, and our parishioners have been there for us in our best and worst times too. We have gotten much more than we could possibly give.

So, as October quickly winds down, remember you have three national excuses/reasons to do/send something sweet this month—dessert, cookies, and/or clergy appreciation. Celebrate like you mean it–pick one or all three and be blessed!

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