Starting the New Year Right

New Year

I love January and here’s why: with this fresh, shiny new year we get one more opportunity to get/do IT right, whatever IT is! I am proud because I am well past Day Seven and my year of positivity is still in high gear. I decided I could practice more of what I’m preaching if I intentionally started looking on the sunny side. Can you say it’s making a world of difference? You betcha!

For 2019, I’m using a new measuring stick and asking different questions like:

(1) Will this matter at the end of the day? If not, I can’t complain about it. Here’s what I know: you can always find something that’s not right or something you could’ve done better. Nevertheless, if it’s not contributing to world peace, building a bridge, or feeding a hungry neglected children, will it really matter tomorrow? Is it really that important that all your towels have a department store fold? No, it will not.  Yes, they look better but little stuff that ruins your good mood probably doesn’t deserve space in your head.

(2) Will this purchase make me look, feel and perform better? This conversation with Cynthia Ann was long overdue. I love to shop and I’m darned good at it but I had to gently remind myself that I cannot love every pair of earrings or shoes in store A. Now the standard is if I leave it on the hanger or the rack, will the world come to an end? No, and there’s no harm and no foul if I carry it around while I shop and nicely hang it back where I got it before I leave. Again, the world didn’t come to an end and if it’s still there when I return, it must be meant for me!

(3) Have we been as kind and considerate as others have been to us? During the holidays my husband and I were eating out and somebody anonymously paid for our lunch and left. We were delighted by this gesture and vowed to pay it forward. I beat this generosity and kindness drum often because little things –a smile, holding the door, letting someone go first in the checkout, saying please and thank you–make a big impact. Yes, you did learn this in kindergarten, and from the lack of civility we see too often in the media, somebody needs to send the potty-mouths back for a refresher class.

(4) How do you want to be remembered? I usually say when my time comes, I’d like to be remembered as someone who was generous, helpful, joyful, interested and interesting, and, as someone who cared. Of course that prompts the question: “Is that what you’re doing right now?” That’s my cue to repeat “It’s not what you say, but what you do all day, that counts.” The older I get, the more funerals I attend and the most recent ones have been absolutely wonderful. The friends and neighbors shared poignant memories and funny stories and I liked even the folks I didn’t know well. The pastor at my grandmother’s services more than 33 years ago shared how he loved Clair’s (Clara) homemade biscuits. He said she’d make them when he visited. Every time I think of him warmly remembering her, I smile.  Make 2019 your best year yet!

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