We see youA word of appreciation to our mothers, other mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and Damas (Dads who had to be mamas too)

We really do see you though there is no way we can fully understand the enormity and impact of the gift you have given us—life, direction, courage, wisdom, good sense, strength, sometimes a good cussing when our heads were hard, but this Mother’s Day, it is important to say WE SEE YOU. We love you, we appreciate everything about you and we are thankful to and for you. Thankful that you took time to love, hug, encourage, be here, there and seemingly everywhere. And not just THANK YOU on Mother’s Day you beautiful, dynamic and sophisticated creations of an awesome God, but for all you’ve done in the days past and the ones to come, but we salute you and are gently reminded that to whom much has been given, then much will be required. So, world, if you’re receiving what we have been given, all I can say is YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET because the next generations of women and girls will be even more amazing, informed, dynamic and spectacular than ever!

Happy Mother’s Day to the phenomenal women who gave us birth, whether through the womb or by self-appointment, we love, adore and appreciate all that you unleashed us to be. We know greatness when we see it…

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